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Irrigation Installation

Berry/Vineyard Installation

WaterTec will install all parts of a berry or vineyard design and guarantees an economic and efficient result. Certified with IIABC, all drip irrigation installations will be overseen by our experts. WaterTec installs submersible, centrifugal and gas powered pumps to meet different job needs. WaterTec also uses both AMIAD and Everfilt filtration to provide either manual screen filtration, sand automatic filtration or automatic screen filtration.

Vegetable Installation

Experience and excellence are a given with any vegetable irrigation installation system from WaterTec. With our experts' vast knowledge, WaterTec can install irrigation systems with pump houses streaming from a ditch or well. WaterTec also offers the installation of an injection point to deliver a top quality vegetable irrigation system.

Industrial Installation

WaterTec offers partial and full turn-key installation for your industrial irrigation needs. With on site direction and site development for dust suppression systems, our experts guarantee ideal installations to accommodate your needs.

Dairy Installation

WaterTec will install shared manure and irrigation systems for a dual purpose system to save on the costs for our customers. We install the most efficient Cornell pumps for manure application systems, which allows the customer to manage nutrient applications at efficiencies up to 85%. This allows customers to drive the pump with less horsepower and at a higher flow rate cutting down on electrical costs, but increasing the application rate. WaterTec also uses the same high efficiency pumps in our flush system.

WaterTec provides a full service team and fabrication shop for all custom dairy installation jobs.

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