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 Greenhouse Training

At the completion of the installation, WaterTec will supply a training seminar as necessary. The measurable outcome of these training sessions will ensure that the staff/growers and maintenance crew will fully understand why the equipment and piping is sized as such, and the result of making changes to one system and what affect it will have on other systems, or equipment. This class will also ensure that the staff/growers are aware of operation costs, operation efficiencies, and pro-active maintenance procedures.

The training program may include the any of the following:

  • The relation that exists between systems, how a change in one system will affect other systems 
  • Pump systems, efficiency, and basic operation principals 
  • Energy and maintenance conservation, using equipment to its fullest efficiency while maximizing the life cycle of equipment  
  • Discussing Valve operation and filter operation as well as valve closure times and delays 
  • The operation and programming of Motor controls (VFDs), the benefits of knowing all the variables and uses of these controls 
  • Complete walkthrough and review of systems and how they are integral and related to each other
  • Basic flow hydraulics, discussing why pipes and equipment are sized as such, and an overview of entire system

The program is conducted by WaterTec staff and will include information from our senior application engineer with over twenty years of experience in the pump and pump drive industry, data from our greenhouse technical sales manager  with over 15 years of greenhouse technical design and integration experience, and  facts from our engineer with over thirty years of experience in the agriculture irrigation business.

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