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Greenhouse Partners

When it comes to greenhouse contruction and installation, WaterTec works with only the best companies and systems. Optimizing yield means optimizing profits. 

WaterTec Irrigation can install a Verkade system that creates a custom-made environment for your particular crop. For over 70 years, Verkade climate control systems for greenhouses have been designed to do just that in a sustainable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective manner. A Verkade system controls all elements of your greenhouse:  boiler house, heat storage, ventilation, power generation, and carbon enrichment.  For the success of your horticultural operation, choose the quality and reliability of a Verkade installed by WaterTec.

Kubo greenhouses offer low rates of pane breakage, high rates of energy efficiency, optimum lighting and ventilation, effective blockage of rain water, and high resistance to wind and snow—all factors needed to create an ideal glass house climate.  For over 60 years, Kubo greenhouses have been designed to grow profits.

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