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Greenhouse Irrigation Components

It is Watertec’s belief to create sustainable and efficient irrigation systems through the utilization of the most up-to-date solutions, systems and designs. No matter your needs, WaterTec will design the right


Greenhouse Systems

WaterTec will advise customers of potential systems, such as:

  • Fresh water taps
  • Spraying system lines
  • Roof washing machine lines
  • Washdown areas
  • Driveway entrance to sterilization areas
  • Greenhouse rook sprinkler
  • Drip line flush headers
  • CO2
  • Cooler pad system

Irrigation Valve Sets

The irrigation valve sets can be custom made from High Density Polyethylene pipe and fittings, or PVC Sch 80 or Sch 40, depending on system requirements and customer preference.

Irrigation Drip Headers, Submains

Irrigation system flow rates are based on specific scenarios, which include crop type, irrigation type, irrigation strategies and many other factors. Watertec designs your system with all these in mind.

Greenhouse Fertigation Pump Mixing Units

Watertec supplies complete turn-key pump system packages based on specific project requirments.

Preassembled systems include:

  • NEMA 12 motor control panel
  • Service entrance circuit breaker with external disconnect 
  • Fused disconnects
  • Variable frequency drives or Soft Starters 
  • HOA selector switch, speed pot, and run light for each pump 
  • Programmable logic controller and touch screen operator interface 
  • Filtered fan ventilation system 
  • All deck mounting hardware can be SS and all piping Sch 80 PVC 
  • Open/Auto/Close selector switch for mixing valve control 
  • Little Giant dosing pumps 
  • Blue & White flow meters
  • Greenhouse control panel with water quality E.C. and PH sensors
  • Back up safetey filters 
  • Sand Media filters 
  • Polyethylene mixing/blending tanks 
  • All components can be installed on a common base plate

The systems come completely assembled and tested. 

Irrigation Fertilizer Water Storage Tanks

Watertec supplies various fertilizer storage systems, polyethylene tanks and fiberglass tanks are available with sizes ranging from 10 to thousands of gallons of storage. Fertilizer agitation and mixing solutions, from “air” to “mechanical” agitation as also availible.

Greenhouse Drainwater Collection

Greenhouse drain water collection and re-use is a critical component in designing any greenhouse water system. It is Watertec’s belief to create sustainable and efficient irrigation systems through the utilization of the most up to date solutions, systems and designs available to enable the safe and practical re-use of drain water.

Our drainwater collection systems can include any of the following:

  • Pumps
  • Filtration
  • Sterilization
  • Blending
  • Piping and valves

Greenhouse Water Systems

WaterTec has a variety of greenhouse water systems including irrigation systems (drip, spray, flood, overhead), pump systems (feritigation, flood floors and tables, sprinkler, recirculation), and drain water filtration (drain water sterilization, water storage, irrigation valves).

Piping and Valves

All piping and valves meeet ASTM, ANSI, and CSA standards.

Greenhouse High Pressure Fogging

Custom High pressure fogging systems are also available from Watertec with in house design based on customer and crop requirements.

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