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Manure Application

Manure application is an efficient utilization alternative due to lower costs compared to treatment and the nutrient benefits derived by crops from the manure. Manure nutrients help build and maintain soil fertility. Manure can also improve soil tilth, increase water-holding capacity, lessen wind and water erosion, improve aeration, and promote beneficial organisms.

Dairy manure and wastewater are excellent sources of nutrients for most agronomic, horticultural, and silvicultural crops. Proper management of these manures as nutrient source is critical to promoting optimum plant growth and yield while protecting the environment.

Here are a few manure application products that the WaterTec team has perfected:

  • Spreader Booms
  • Soft/Hard Hose Reels
  • Pit/Lagoon Pumps
  • Flush Pumps
  • Hydraulic Pumping System
  • Dragline
  • Chopper Pumps
  • Custom Pumping Applicators


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