To offer the globes finest and latest products while offering the most competitive prices possible.

Keeping Your Business Flowing

Over the years, our staff have traveled worldwide to research and purchase products that benefit the agricultural needs of our customers. We now import from Italy, the Netherlands, France, Germany, China, India, and the United States. Our service personnel have attended many training workshops to enable us to service all of our marketed material. We will not sell products that we cannot service in house.

Experienced in a Variety of Industries

When a customer phones into any of our locations, they receive immediate information on the product they are inquiring about. If the salesperson is unfamiliar with their request, they can rely on one of the other experienced sales team members to answer. If it is not a product that we are familiar with, we have the resources to source their request and provide them with their product.

Agricultural Equipment Experts

WaterTec Sales & Service’s staff have the highest levels of training in the irrigation industry. The WaterTec management team is focused on empowering our staff to be the best they can be to in order to better help customers.